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Wood Windows

Wood Windows

For a distinctive home that requires timeless sophistication a wood window is a fabulous option. Wood windows combine a historically accurate style with modern engineering along with today’s features. Wood windows are versatile and completely customizable. Wood windows offer a rich, warm look, that is considered a premium choice for any discerning client. Listed are some examples to help determine if a wood window is a right choice for your project.

Historic Replication and Wood Windows

Wood windows bring a warmth and detail that in most cases is difficult to match when holding onto the principles and craftsmanship of years ago. With wood windows, you can easily incorporate custom exterior trim, ogee lugs, muntin details, and many other options that can simply not be accommodated with windows that use a different medium for design and products.

Aesthetics of Wood Windows

The warmth and appeal of a wood window are tough to match. Many companies do wood windows justice with their cladding, but there is something that makes a statement about the mortise and tenon joinery, traditional sightlines, and details that are simply just difficult to match in other mediums.

Customization on Wood Windows

When you consider materials, arguably wood is the easiest to manipulate, making wood windows a great choice when requiring custom details. Custom muntin profiles, custom colors, custom casing details, along with an array of options are just the beginning when looking for a custom window and wood windows could be a perfect choice.


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