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Windows: Aluminum Clad

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

Aluminum clad windows offer the performance of your typical aluminum window with the warm aesthetics of wood on the interior. Aluminum clad windows are a popular solution in today’s market from a modern window to a historic window application there is a range of possibilities and options with aluminum clad windows. Just some of the benefits of aluminum-clad windows are as follows:

The Flexibility of Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

Aluminum-clad windows have come a long way. With a range of extrusions to accommodate most projects. Aluminum-clad windows are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and configurations, meeting the demand for most projects.

Performance of Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

When it comes to a window that performs well, extruded aluminum-clad windows offer durability from the elements and the insulating values of wood. Aluminum-clad windows are built to perform and will meet energy star in all regions with the appropriate selections.

Affordability of Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

Like aluminum windows, aluminum-clad windows offer substantial strength and longevity, but aluminum-clad windows have the benefit of cost savings in comparison if size limitations can be met.

Personalization of Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

With so many options like colors, textures, glass options, muntin profiles, species, finish options, and hardware choices, aluminum-clad wood windows can meet the demands of most homes. Aluminum clad wood windows each client to explore their specific style making them the envy of the neighborhood.

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