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Doors: Modern Interior Doors

Modern Interior Doors

Modern doors are all about simplicity. The concept that less is more definitely lends itself to Modern Architecture. Clean, sleek lines with mixed materials are just the start when it comes to choosing the right modern interior door collection.

Some things to consider when choosing a modern interior door are as follows:


With modern interior doors, materials that you may want to consider are wood, steel, mdf, solid core, hollow core, or glass. With the range of options available in materials, this provides you with an array of choices and budgets to obtain the perfect solution for your project.


Probably the easiest way to add originality and truly make your own stamp. Adding color to a door can transform a home. When considering color, we must consider what we are looking to achieve. Are the doors meant to compliment or be a feature?


Modern doors typically will stay away from embellishments and tend to hold to the less is more ideology. Flat panels are a popular choice along with flush doors as an ideal candidate.


Sticking on doors is on the edge of the stiles and rails and holds the panel in place.  With modern doors, square, or step sticking is recommended. These 90-degree angles are a perfect complement to modern design.

Jamb Type (Frame)

Most interior doors to fit standard openings will have an 11/16” thick jamb (frame). Within that jamb is a stop for the door to close against. Typically, a sanitary stop is recommended to fit a modern application. The alternate to a sanitary stop is a single rabbeted jamb, which is a notch routered into the door jamb that eliminates the need for a stop, giving the client the least number of lines possible.


Boring refers to the preparation to a door to install the handle sets. The most popular preparation being a single bore that is 2-1/8” in diameter. While this is the most typical application, there are quite a few ways to prepare a door for hardware and allows the client to pick the exact hardware they prefer. For modern handle-sets, an option would be a small face-bore which would allow the client to pick a narrow rosette for the hardware application.


When it comes to hardware for interior doors, it is all about personal choice. There are tons of choices and ways to personalize each handle-set. You can truly make your hardware choice your own with a range of knobs, levers, rosettes, finishes, and mixed materials.


Modern is all about sleek views and minimal lines. Square corner hinges, square barrel hinges, and invisible hinges are the perfect compliment to any modern interior door. Other than style, consider the quantity of hinges. The typical door will have three hinges applied to a door, reducing that count to a pair is a great way to add a feature to a typical door.

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