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Monmouth Millwork Services


Millwork is the critical finishing element of your project. Traditionally, Millwork is made of wood, but today’s millwork products come in a variety of materials and finishes. Serving both form and function, millwork options help to add superior design elements to your completed project.


With so many architectural inspirational styles choosing molding for your project can be overwhelming. Windows to Go works directly with you on the most up-to-date styles and trends in moldings to determine the profiles and products that you can layer to meet your design goals and budget.

Proper Fit – The joints and reveals in your moldings matter. Ensuring the correct profiles for each facet of your trim is crucial to executing a successful design.

The Right Proportion – Your choice in moldings depends on the window or door size, the height of the room, and the location in your home.

Choice – With an array of styles to choose from, we make decisions easier, narrowing down your selections for a seamless, beautiful, and cost-effective project.

Feature – An effortless way to upgrade a room is with molding. You can customize the width, depth, and height of the trimming which adds to the walls and helps provide a uniform look to your home.

Railing Systems

Stylish railings add distinction and style to your outdoor living space. Exterior railings can be stunning as well as functional. Whether you are looking for a solution for safety or deciding how to improve your home’s curb appeal, Windows To Go can walk you through the process of choosing the right material and design for your specific design and security goals.

The team at Windows To Go works closely with you to hone in on the right decisions for your home, considering your goals, budget, and preferred materials. Once we find the right product for your project, we will provide you with a detailed cost estimate. Our railing systems are engineering for easy assembly and installation and years of enjoyment.

Columns and Posts

When considering curb appeal, you want to leave a lasting impression. Architectural details like columns create a stunning detail by complimenting stone, brick, or vinyl with a range of color, texture, and design options.

Interior and exterior applications – While they convey a rich design element to the outside, columns are not just for the exterior fenestration. Columns can be incorporated into a room’s design, offering both form and function as a functional and decorative architectural element. Columns and posts provide an aesthetic appeal with little modification, adding color, design, and texture to your space with little disturbance to your home, room, and routine.

Treads and Stairs

How often do you use your stairs? How often do you think of them as a prominent feature of your home? You would be surprised what new treads, railings, balusters, or spindles can do. A new stair design can turn your hallway or entryway into the focal point of your home.


Historically, exterior window shutters were crafted in response to the high cost and limited availability of glass at the time. Shutters were originally used to protect the window, provide privacy, and add additional insulation. With new window technology, shutters are still used, but for aesthetic purposes as a feature for your home’s exterior.

Get inspired. Deciding on the appropriate shutter begins with inspiration. Consider your personal style. Shutters offer you another opportunity to showcase your vision for your home and upgrade your curb appeal.

Gable Vents

Like soffits and ridge vents, gable vents or louvers are used as a passive venting system. The difference in a gable vent is that they are designed to add an architectural element to space to an otherwise invisible opening. Installed on an exterior wall typically in your attic, gable vents provide proper air circulation, particularly during extreme weather conditions. In the Summer, gable vents relieve humidity, protecting your storage areas from excessive heat. In the Winter, gable vents circulate otherwise stagnate air that can cause condensation which could lead to problems with mold and mildew. Gable vents keep attic air moving, preventing serious problems down the road.

Gable vents can do more than serve the purpose of circulating air. Gable vents give you yet another opportunity to make a statement on your home’s exterior. While soffits and ridge vents do their job in the shadows, gable vents are meant to be visible. Gable vents can accent your home’s exterior design with a variety of shapes, colors, and materials.

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