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Millwork: Pergolas


A pergola is a comparatively simple construction that accomplishes so much in the garden. A pergola is an outdoor space with open framing that defines outdoor living space. Whether you’re looking for a space to gaze at the stars or a corner to read your favorite book, a pergola is a fantastic place for an “outdoor room”.

Structurally speaking, a pergola is composed of anchored posts and cross beams, providing an open roof that has no walls and is commonly used as a seating area or for a walkway.

What’s the difference between an arbor, pergola, and trellis?

  • Arbors are a freestanding structure that acts as an entranceway to a garden by creating a grounded space providing an atmosphere to house your outdoor garden. An arbor is considered the “doorway”.
  • Pergolas support a rooftop grid where vines can be trained to provide natural shade. Typically pergolas are the size of a room. They can be freestanding or attached to your home. A pergola is considered the “ceiling”.
  • A trellis is a flat grid that is mounted on a wall or fence to support trailing plants. A trellis is considered to be a “wall”.

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