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Millwork: Railings

Millwork: Railings


Railing systems not only add a stylish architectural accent to a home, but they also provide protection to family and friends by providing a barrier. Additionally, for businesses, railing systems assist clients with mobility issues to obtain accessibility to your facility. Selecting the right railing can be overwhelming with all the options available in today’s market from materials, styles, colors, and accents, you can truly make it your own.

How to Choose a Deck Railing

Determine Your Budget

Pricing can vary greatly on railing systems depending on the style, color, material, and options you choose. Determining your budget is a great way to start, also understanding the longevity of the railing should be held into consideration, spending a little more upfront could be a much more long-term solution.

Research Your Materials

Popular materials include aluminum, vinyl, wood, cellular PVC, iron, and even glass. Wood and glass can provide visual interest, with cellular PVC as a low maintenance alternate to wood is a great choice as wood will require frequent staining, sealing, and maintenance to avoid rot. Aluminum and vinyl are durable, attractive, and low maintenance option as well. Glass provides a level of intrigue but has maintenance regarding cleanliness. Keeping glass clean that is just out in the elements is not the easiest task. It does look gorgeous but will require some frequent upkeep.

Evaluate the Height of Your Deck

Always remember to conform to local building codes. Typically a railing is required if a deck is over 30” above ground. If you’d prefer to not have a railing and you’re under 30”, always confirm with your local building authorities to ensure that you are compliant.

Consider Accessibility

If you’re purchasing on behalf of a business or in a family with a member that has special needs, we can discuss sourcing a railing system that is compliant with standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Choose Your Color and Style

With so many styles and colors available, we recommend thinking about what the purpose of the railing is prior to the options and designs. Once we determine the need, we can then discuss which designs would accomplish that goal along with the colors and features that would best accomplish your need.

Once the need is met, we can assess those style choices. Should the railing match or be in contrast with the deck? Are you looking for something simple and sleek or a more decorative style? Whatever the case may be we are happy to walk you through the options to ensure you’re thrilled with your railings for years to come.

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