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Vinyl Windows

Windows: Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows

Arguably one of the most popular materials in the world for windows, vinyl windows can be met with resistance by some homeowners. In our experience, what folks don’t consider when purchasing vinyl windows is that they most likely have products of the same materials in their home right now. Vinyl windows are made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC. PVC is a common building material used in flooring, and pipes in homes. Each manufacturer has its own blend of polymer, ensuring a strong product that is resistant to ultraviolet rays. This provides the client with a strong vinyl window that stands the test of time.

Resistant to the Elements

Weather can wreak havoc on windows and doors. The benefit to vinyl windows is that they will not warp, rot, or mold because of the elements. Vinyl windows are resistant to UV Rays, and heat, as well as impervious to water.


Vinyl windows these days are made to last. With today’s materials, vinyl windows can be expected to have a life expectancy of at least twenty years. When considering time versus financial commitment, vinyl windows are a solid investment.

Energy Efficiency

Older windows have issues with heat transfer, water, and wind infiltration. With multichambered frames, welded construction, foam-filled options, state-of-the-art weatherstripping, and glazing options, vinyl window performance can rate at the highest Energy Star ratings.

Sound Control

With multiple chambers in the framing creating dead air space and a variety of glass options, the reduction in outside noise can be significantly reduced, giving you peace and quiet on even the busiest streets.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl windows require little maintenance and most manufacturers simply recommend using a mild detergent and some water from time to time. These windows do not require sanding or paint upkeep.


Vinyl windows historically have been known for every color so long as it’s white. Today’s vinyl windows are available with tons of options for color, divided lites, screens, hardware, exterior casings, extension jambs, as well as much more. There are so many ways to customize vinyl windows allowing a client to truly customize their home and make it their own.

Value Engineering

Pricing always varies depending on size, type, and options when it comes to windows. Having said that, vinyl windows offer an array of options, sizes, and styles that can provide a way to meet the look and the price point required for the project.

Quicker Installation

Vinyl windows are lighter and more forgiving than aluminum-clad windows, aluminum windows, or wood windows. This makes installation easier and simpler for the onsite crews.

Home Value ROI

When selling a property, most potential purchasers will consider the age and condition of the windows. Replacement windows are a great way to boost your home value, providing you with a great return on investment.

Environmentally Concise

If you are considering the environment when choosing a material, vinyl windows can be an option to consider. Vinyl windows have a longer lifetime use than ever before and vinyl windows can be recycled.

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