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Windows: Simulated Steel

Simulated Steel Windows

Steel windows are gorgeous right? The problem is they typically have terrible performance ratings, have condensation issues, and are downright expensive. At Monmouth Millwork we feel that a client should be able to obtain a specific look without breaking their budget and without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Whether a client is looking to obtain a factory-style warehouse appearance in a renovated loft or a minimalist modern application is appropriate. Monmouth Millwork has an array of product options available as alternatives to steel windows to meet most design and budget needs.

Why consider an alternative to steel windows:

Performance of Simulated Steel Windows

Steel windows typically are not “thermally broken”, meaning the cold and hot weather transfers through the steel window and directly into the building. While they offer a beautiful appearance, they typically cannot compete with other window manufacturers’ materials on the market today. The goal should be to obtain a window that not only is beautiful but that will perform up to the standards of today’s market.

Affordability of Simulated Steel Windows

We all agree that steel windows are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but at what cost and compromise? Steel windows can be extremely expensive as they’re labor-intensive, heavy, and with the materials tend to have much higher installation and maintenance costs. Additionally, the long-term costs of steel windows are much higher as heating and cooling costs must be considered with products that are not “thermally broken”.

Statement of Simulated Steel Windows

When considering steel windows, one should ask themselves, why? Why do I want steel windows? The answer is most likely, the look. Of course, they’re beautiful, they make a statement. What if you could make that statement with an alternative to steel windows, save time, save money, reduced maintenance, and reduced installation costs while still making that same statement? Would you? Of course.

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