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Aluminum Windows

Windows: Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum is a popular choice with interior design and is a preferred material in commercial and high-end residential homes. With a sleek, low-profile look, aluminum windows provide a perfect facelift for personal spaces. There are many advantages to aluminum windows such as:

Customization of Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows can accommodate a variety of designs depending on the look and feel of the project. Aluminum windows can accommodate many shapes and are capable to support large glass panes because of the rigid frames. Aluminum windows can accommodate windows that span from the ceiling to the floor with the only limitations being the glass that is within them.

The Durability of Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows can accommodate huge openings and because of their strength to weight ratio. High-quality aluminum windows are durable and will stand the test of time. Aluminum windows do not dent easily, are corrosion resistant, and don’t require frequent painting and maintenance.

The Appeal of Aluminum Windows

There is an undeniable and understated appeal to an aluminum window as it frames the space for furniture and décor. Aluminum windows can be used to blend into the room or as a feature to draw your eye outdoors. Aluminum windows with a dark finish add a distinctive touch of elegance to a space and will retain their fresh appearance for years with minimal upkeep.

Sound Control on Aluminum Windows

Neighborhoods that have constant construction, honking horns, and highways can take advantage of aluminum windows that feature sound control options giving the client the quiet they have always craved. With a variety of glass thicknesses and insulative properties, aluminum windows can be an effective solution in reducing external acoustics.

Security of Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows can be made with safety features such as multi-point locking systems. Additionally, aluminum window sash and frames can endure significant impact in comparison to other materials. Combine the above benefits with strengthened glass and it becomes substantially difficult for intruders.

Weather Resistance of Aluminum Windows

With thermally broken aluminum windows that are designed to insulate against intense weather conditions along with multi-point locking systems, the elements are never a concern. Aluminum windows limit the water, dust, and wind that typically would enter the dwelling with a complete weather seal eliminating extreme conditions.

A Sustainable Choice of Aluminum Windows

With issues surrounding our current society such as climate change, considering a sustainable window is our responsibility in reducing our carbon footprint. Aluminum windows will last for years to come which means they do not need replacing, reducing waste. Furthermore, aluminum windows are simple to reuse and recycle. In summary, aluminum windows are a long-term solution that has elevated performance and can be easily reprocessed for a planet-friendly solution.

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